AdWatch is proud to be partnering with Lancelot Media London to expand globally

AdWatch is proud to be partnering with Lancelot Media London to employ Blockchain to protect global advertising campaigns and ad budgets using Blockchain.


AdWatch has selected Lancelot Media London as its sole UK distributor and launch partner, due to the martech specialists’ track record in helping tech companies take off in Britain over the past six years.



Costs relating to digital advertising fraud worldwide continue to grow exponentially across the globe. And while estimations vary according to source, there is agreement that this plague currently costs advertisers more than $35 billion a year.

The stats are shocking. AdWatch and Lancelot Media London are in agreement that the current levels of ad fraud are unacceptable. More so, there is no reason the industry should tolerate them.

Thanks to AdWatch many Spanish brands and agencies are already using their Blockchain technology to certify advertising campaigns and protect ad budgets, directly addressing the existing gaps in integrity checks and data processing.

The AdWatch platform is now available via restricted release within the United Kingdom. Lancelot Media London will work alongside a select few UK-based media agencies with the shared goal to eliminate ad fraud. It is said that Lancelot will launch AdWatch to secure and analyse digital campaigns for clients. The platform will go to full release globally in Q1 2022.

While there has been vast growth in the world of Blockchain technology over the past few years, the same cannot be said of the advertising sector. In fact, advanced Blockchain tech has only just been adopted in the ad space, especially public blockchain use-cases.

However, the increase in digital advertising investment comes with it a more intense need to monitor and analyse any potential fraudulent threats. This global movement requires trust and transparency, two things in demand from modern-day companies.

The Blockchain technology developed by AdWatch guarantees transparency and traceability, by introducing encryption at the advertising source. The resulting tags can then be followed and analysed, throughout the ad journey, all the way to the destination, before being verified and launched. Essentially, this provides complete control and clarity. After the launch, the subsequent data can be encrypted and stored on the blockchain, ensuring it remains safe and secure.

Richard Parboo, CEO of Lancelot Media London, said: “Our clients’ sentiments around ad fraud range from concern to exasperation. So, this alliance with AdWatch to incorporate blockchain technologies and AI into their campaigns makes sense. The timing is most opportune too, as our clients, like most businesses, have been hard hit by the pandemic and urgently need to see increases in ROI against their ad spend. Leveraging Blockchain technology to reduce losses due to ad fraud will have a positive impact on advertisers & brands, additionally media agency buying teams.”

Jose Luis Casado, CEO of AdWatch, added: “This technology is here to stay. In Europe, we have effectively demonstrated that this innovative mix of blockchain and AI approaches throughout the full ad journey provides the traceability demanded by digital advertising globally.”

The Volvo XC90 2019 model represented AdWatch’s launch case and, ultimately, its success story. The AdTech company teamed up with Mindshare and Xaxis to create a new and specialised method to push sales.

Earlier this year, Spain’s first independent Media Agency, Equmedia, teamed up with AdWatch to move to the forefront of transparency and ad fraud elimination.

Celia Caño, CEO of Equmedia, said: “This alliance with AdWatch for the incorporation of blockchain in campaigns provides maximum transparency and security in all processes, in an increasingly complex digital ecosystem.”

Lancelot Media London hopes to achieve similar success to Equmedia in the UK.


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