Lancelot LDN announces Full Fabric as new client

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Lancelot LDN has announced a new client in Full Fabric, a cutting-edge education management software company, who look to Lancelot LDN to expand their reach in the Portuguese and Iberian markets.

Full Fabric is no stranger to innovation, with its end-to-end admissions and enrollment platform. It helps recruit, admit and enroll students at scale, managing leads more efficiently, enrolling more students and growing revenue sustainably.

João Martins, Managing Director Int’l for Lancelot LDN comments: “Higher Ed Admissions and Marketing teams are increasingly feeling the crunch to grow applications while maintaining or improving cohort quality and improve applicant and student retention. All whilst navigating the regulatory and compliance requirements such as GDPR, etc.
Many higher Ed institutions are looking to deploy a digital transformation strategy. Many are frustrated with their current misfit systems and seeking to differentiate from the competition by offering a competitive advantage in delivering a world-class student experience. Full Fabric streamlines the entire process, helping institutions pinpoint the inefficiencies in their process. Additionally, it manages students at scale with increased – and very visible – ROI to its clients”.

According to Government data, there were a total of 67,663 applications for higher education in Portugal in 2021 (a 7.2% YoY growth). In Spain, 968,642 (a 2.4% YoY growth), signaling that Full Fabric could potentially be making life easier for over 1m client interactions per year.

Full Fabric has quickly become a leader in the education technology space. This partnership with Lancelot LDN established a physical presence in Lisbon and Madrid, looking to enable local market clients. Full Fabric already develops and deploys software solutions designed specifically for higher education institutions. Now they do it locally too, for Portuguese and Spanish institutions.

“Finding the right partner to key markets has always been a high priority at Full Fabric. Lancelot LDN specializes in European growth and will help us build a regional customer – centric approach, allowing us to deliver even more value for these customers in the future”, said Tania Roquette, Solutions Director at Full Fabric.


About Full Fabric

Designed for humans. Built for higher education.

Full Fabric offers an integrated end-to-end software-as-a-service solution. It helps universities deliver a world-class experience across the whole student journey, from initial inquiry to enrolment, and beyond graduation. Their platform is used by university staff, management, lecturers, students, prospective students, and alumni. Their culture emphasises creative problem solving, usability, fast iteration and execution in order to deliver great products to the education sector.

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