Telefónica Tech and Adwatch team up to apply Blockchain against digital ad fraud

  • Adwatch integrates its digital advertising certifier with the TrustOS product, the Blockchain-based certification solution developed by Telefónica Tech, to offer advertisers irrefutable metrics of their advertising campaigns.
  • Both companies are promoting the creation of a trustmark for digital advertising campaigns in the framework of the EU’s eIDAS regulation.

Madrid, 6 February 2023. Adwatch has relied on Telefónica Tech to increase the trust and credibility of the audience metrics of the digital marketing campaigns offered by its monitoring product. The agreement between the two companies involves integrating TrustOS, the Blockchain-based certification solution developed by Telefónica Tech, into the Adwatch tool to convert the metrics into independent, irrefutable digital evidence that can be used in court. In this way, the advertiser enjoys total control and transparency to correctly monitor campaigns and optimise their advertising expenditure. 


As a result of the agreement, both companies are promoting the creation of an independent seal of quality that guarantees the transparency of digital marketing campaign metrics to third parties. With this independent and verifiable seal, agencies, publishers and advertisers provide the metrics in real time with the same evidential capacity that they would have if they were issued by a qualified trust service provider within the framework of the European Union’s eIDAS regulation, which regulates electronic identification and trust services in electronic transactions between citizens and companies in the internal market.


The implementation of technologies, such as Blockchain, helps the industry to provide transparency and security, and to tackle notorious ad fraud. The origin of this fraud lies in the discrepancy between the contracted ad impacts and those actually served, both in terms of volume (not all contracted advertisements are offered) and the characteristics of the advertisements (altered or printed in conditions different from those contracted). 


Adwatch uses Blockchain technology in its campaign monitoring solution to guarantee, from source to destination, that the ad is not manipulated, establishing full traceability of the ad for each of the impressions launched and counting only those that correspond to the ad as delivered by the advertiser. 


Audience metrics are recorded on the blockchain and accredited in real time, allowing for active participation in the detection of potential fraud and independent monitoring of campaign effectiveness without relying on third-party reports. In addition, the metrics acquire a differential value for advertisers thanks to the evidentiary capacity of the evidence recorded through TrustOS, as they will be able to track the entire path of the ad no matter where it is being shown or how many times, get to know their audience better and be sure that their investment is guaranteed.


This service allows advertisers to increase the impact of their campaigns by 20% for the same budget and helps to reduce the carbon footprint, as the increased efficiency of advertising campaigns means that companies need to buy fewer impressions to have the same impact.


José Luis Casado, CEO of Adwatch, said: “Blockchain technology is here to stay, and only such a set of disruptive technologies are able to provide the traceability that digital advertising needs, making us a true ally of trust”.


Marta Belmonte, head of new products for digital advertising at Telefónica Tech, said: “Blockchain technology allows us to offer our clients accredited audience data from their campaigns, which will allow them to make smarter decisions about the application of their advertising budget. The integration of our TrustOS solution with Adwatch technology demonstrates how Blockchain solves real problems in business relationships, such as ad fraud, and reinforces our strategy of relying on specialised partners to deliver disruptive solutions that transform very different economic sectors, from the agri-food industry to, as in this case, digital advertising.




About Telefónica Tech

Telefónica Tech is the leading company in digital transformation. The company offers a wide range of services and integrated technological solutions for Cyber Security, Cloud, IoT, Big Data and Blockchain. For more information, please visit: 

About Adwatch

Adwatch is a Spanish startup born in 2019 dedicated to certify digital advertising based on Blockchain technology. It was born with the mission and purpose of creating and exploring solutions that contribute to enhance the transparency and sustainability of the online advertising ecosystem. 


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