3 signs you need to consider Growth As A Service

Growth As A Service (GAAS) is not a band-aid; it’s a long-term strategy of being able to control resource allocation in revenue generating activities, aligned to your growth plans.  So it may be too soon, or not soon enough.  But typically there are 3 symptoms which clearly signal you need to deploy a strategic direction to your revenue growth.


1.  Overwhelming recruitment effort.  


You’re spending so much time recruiting, onboarding and training new sales staff… everything else is being left behind.


Exasperated by the time it takes to recruit, onboard, and train sales staff until they are fully operational and generating revenue?  And are you making decisions fast enough as to not loose talent to your competition

Recruitment is a massive and ongoing investment of time and resources, in roles that historically have one of the highest turnover rates in organisations.

Alongside the hardships of execution around this, there is also the opportunity cost of where Founders are focusing their efforts.  Driving recruitment is a massive distraction and time constraint which, if not managed properly, may lead to problems elsewhere in the organisation.

Focus is key, and recruiting – especially when trying to push for growth – is a distraction.


2.  Acceleration


You are market ready, looking to ramp up your revenue growth, but you simply don’t have enough (or right!) resources to drive the cadence you are looking for.  

It may be that your inhouse sales team delivers consistently in closing deals, but is not generating demand, leads or pipeline at scale.  

Or that your team (inhouse or otherwise) is being pulled into managing sold deals, rather than handing off to the Customer Success Team.

Either as a full service solution, or a complement to your existing setup, GAAS will help you accelerate at your maximum potential.


3.  New markets


You have cracked your domestic market, and growth could come from new markets rather than trying to increase market share wherever you are active.  

New geographies require local market insights at all levels, building out local pipeline, intelligence, existing network / relationships, understanding of local culture, etc.

And the speed you achieve traction in these markets, depends on the speed you can roll out your local teams.


In conclusion


There are various routes to success, and choosing the GAAS route is one of them.  But choosing GAAS must be an intentional decision on how you approach and manage your sales process, and it’s success is directly related to how active a role you play in managing performance.



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