The 1,2,3 Guide

What happens when you sign up as a client?

You want to know what you are signing up for, as do we.  Hence we have identified timeframes, OKR’s and deliverables at each stage of the process.

Deploy the Core Team

Throughout our relationship, we will support your sales operations and strategy ongoingly, with a core team of 3:

The Sales Operations Director will be responsible for continuously developing and executing your sales plans, determining which products or services should be sold to which customers, and creating strategies for how those sales should be made.


They will also develop training programs for your sales teams – internal our outsourced – so that everyone is on the same page when it comes to selling specific products or services.

We work in 12 week cycles (quarterly)

We work in 12 week / quarterly cycles, in line with standard sales operations.  From our 15 year + experience this is a natural fit into the tech marketplace, and enables us to move fast and effectively on our combined goals. 

Deliverables / OKR's (Objectives and Key Results)

Below we clarify EXACTLY what it is that you can expect from us, over our relationship. 

  1. One initial 12 week consultative cycle – broken into two 6 week mini cycles – to ensure you are ready to scale your sales operation.  
  2. Ongoing 12 week implementation cycles, working with whatever Sales Operation Model we have built together.


6 Week Cycle
FOUNDATION Define effective and fast tracked Go To Market solution​
  • Develop your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)
  • Determine your Value Proposition
  • Determine your Messaging
  • Determine your Pricing
  • Delivery your Macro Sales Strategy


6 Week Cyclce
FIT Getting you Buyer Ready
  • Define your Customer Journey
  • Build sales funnels and triggers
  • Identify all commercial deliverables
  • Build implementation Roadmap
  • Deliver Full Sales Strategy and Playbook


12 Week Cycle
FULFIL Execution, taking your Sales Operation to market
  • Deploy our Core Team and support one of two Sales Models
  • Outsourced: we will provide you with outsourced sales team solutions which gives you a more flexible, faster and economic way into the market place. Whether that’s a permanent model or a “test the waters” solution is entirely up to you;
  • Inhouse: we will support you in recruiting and training your sales team, setting KPI’s, monitoring initial performance, etc. In short, we will teach them to fish and give you full control;

Implement, analyse, adjust, repeat for another 12 week Cycle.

Or FLY and do it yourself,  whenever you are ready to do so!

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